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The Local Diner
A family owned diner located in a small town. Notably not an IHOP location.

The team joined blaseball after the new Management stepped in, buying the diner from Dad Yarn and gail.mp3 after the event that trapped gail.mp3 and 28 in their respective media. The diner has stood unchanged for years and years, a "marvel of technology" claims the Manager, but to the employees it's just a part of the small town they live in.

itll be something about nosebleed seats. i dont fucking know.

The Charcoal Mine
A perhaps too inaccessible park located a mile out from Centralia proper to keep tourism to the town itself low, The Charcoal Mine is constantly burning and constantly shifting. New works of art cover its underground walls every day, some from the team some lifted from other cities across the world. Closer to Centralia lays the teams farm which houses the players and their horses (even if most prefer motorcycles these days).

Club with a weird haunted house aesthetic. Has a stage for performances during games

Stadium has a ton of wooden poles around so that anyone can beetle fight at any time. To note. Big ass beetles.

like an actual fucking roman forum. how did they do this. it has internet. like good internet.

fucking i dunno this teams a joke.

i think we should all explode