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Payment can be done through KOFI or PAYPAL.
I'll draw anything not from shit media, complicated armor/mecha designs galore. Some rules though:

- Please have a reference image/pose or theme idea at hand.
- 2 characters max
- Suggestive works are fine, but no NSFW (I am bad at drawing NSFW. sorry.)
- Be Normal. -

Prices and Such

Little dudes like the ones on this side. Whatever.

$25 Base
+$20 for second character.

Rendered Fullbody/Fullbody-esque pieces.

$70 Base
+$50 for second character.
+$10 for simple background (ie. not just a base color).

Sequential image squares

$75 Base
+$25 panel.

Please have an idea of what you want drawn for these.

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